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TL-44-632 Update 5

Today we visited Yad Vashem where we learned about the Holocaust through the powerful as well as difficult museum experience. Next we went to Mount Herzl where we learned about those who lost their lives for Israel.  Now we’re headed to the Bedouin Tents!! Also thank you Michael Eglash for coming to meet our group!!

TL-44-632 Update 4

Shabbat Shalom! To bring in Shabbat we dressed in white, lit Shabbat candles, and did a Shabbat gift exchange as a group.  Today we enjoyed a day of rest in Jerusalem. We spent time as a group engaging in discussions and ice breaker activities and our amazing Israeli soldiers led us in some very fun [...]

TL-44-632 Update 3

This morning we started off with a tour of the Roman Hot Springs in Tiberias.  We had so much fun at Aqua Kef where we enjoyed the inflatable water equipment and swam in the Kineret Then we stopped in Zichron Yakov for a delicious lunch on our way to Jerusalem where we ate dinner and explored [...]

TL-44-632 Update 2

We started our day with a hike in the Golan Heights in Gamla where we learned about the history of the region while taking in the incredible views  After we went to the Golan Heights Winery where we learned about the process of wine making and got to try some delicious wines made at the winery [...]

Hello, We’ve been so busy enjoying each day to the fullest that time has flown by. We’ve swam in the Mediterranean Sea and floated in the Dead Sea. We’ve enjoyed Shabbat in Jerusalem and explored the old city. We had a meaningful experience at Yad Vashem and reflected upon our experiences under the stars in [...]

TL-44-620 Update 1

Wow what an amazing day with Israel Outdoors Bus 620 in Tzfat! We started the day by getting clearance from our COVID tests to start the day!  Well, all of us except for 2 who unfortunately had to stay in Tel Aviv today with Yosh, our madrich (counselor) while they did another serological covid test because [...]

TL-44-674 Update 1

Hi Israel Outdoors! We have landed safely in Israel, have completed and passed all of our Covid tests, and are already beginning our first day in the north! Participants have engaged in our opening icebreakers and program guidelines with our Israeli tour guide, Michael, including preparing them for our meeting with our Mifgashim in Tzfat. [...]

TL-44-632 Update 1

After a long journey to Israel, we have arrived and are loving the start of our Northeastern Taglit-Birthright Israel trip!! Today we explored Tzfat where we wandered around the beautiful city, met a local artist, visited a historic synagogue, and listened to Kabbalah music. We also met the three amazing Israeli soldiers (peers) joining us!! [...]

TL-44-982 Update 1

Birthright group TL-44-982 is off to an incredible start! After a long flight from Miami, they were greeted with the finest PCR and Serological tests in all of Israel. They had some lunch before heading to the hotel in Tiberias. Upon arrival to the hotel, you could hear the participants shouting with glee about how [...]

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