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Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, who survived (and enjoyed!) her Summer 2010 Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors, is about to make her television debut as a contestant on the CBS hit reality series “Survivor”. The show, entering its 25th season, will take place in the Philippines, and premieres on Wednesday, September 19th on CBS. Best of [...]

Hi, I am Carissa McKinney from Framingham, MA. I went on Israel Quest this past January. I left the States for the first time in my life and came back wishing the plane would just turn around and go back. Israel was amazing but not only because it was a Jewish based country (which was [...]

Hello world! Welcome to the Israel Outdoors Blog. Here you’ll find a collection of posts written by alumni who wish to share anecdotes, photos, and travel savvy advice with you. This blog is designed for the Israel Outdoors community to interact with one another. Its purpose is for you to enjoy, reminisce and benefit from [...]

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