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Participant Reflections

Singer/songwriter and Israel By Foot participant Bonnie Gleicher was so moved by her experience on her Israel Outdoors trip this past June that almost immediately after she returned she wrote the following song about her love of Israel.  Bonnie is looking for other New York based musicians to help her record this song.  If you [...]

Alumnus Nathan Serota filmed the following news segment about the Western Wall while in Israel with Israel Outdoors group TL-26-527 in the summer of 2012. Nathan made sure to share the limelight by including several interviews with his co-participants in this segment. Nathan is the former Associate Producer and current Assignment and Web Editor at [...]

 We’re in the news!  Alumna Em Riveles shared her experiences on Israel Outdoors trip TL-27-59 with Queens College Hillel’s Tribe Magazine.  While Em attended an Israel Outdoors trip with the City University of New York (CUNY) Hillels, the description of her experiences could be that of any participant in California, Missouri or Indiana.  Read more! [...]

If you’ve ever participated in a free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors, you know that Departure Day can bring a mix of emotions – excitement, anxiety, nervousness – the list goes on. It’s like the first day of school combined with the beginning of an experience of a lifetime. But unless you’re a professional [...]

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