Updates from Israel #Bus74

Thanks to the awesome group on Israel Outdoors TL-32-74 with Taglit-Birthright Israel for sharing their trip experience. Want to see more? Check out their trip blog!

Today we adventured North to the highlands of the Golan Heights. With our adventure sandals strapped on our feet and our water bottles filled to the brim, we started our day with a nature walk in lush woodlands. There were 18th century ruins of Ottoman flower mills and a gorgeous gorge with rushing white water. At the end of our hike, we saw a picturesque 25 foot water fall with cascading rapids that continued for a while.

Har Bental was our next stop which is located approximately 3500 feet above sea level. On top of the the mountain was a former bunker of the IDF. What was once a vital vantage point for battle is now an observation point controlled by the UN. With preserved trenches and derelict turrets at our sides, Irad, our tour guide,  gave an extensive speech on history of the region. Syria was practically in throwing distance of us, but we promise that we were (and are) all safe. The view was breathtaking and then we made our way to cool off in the Jordan River with our rafts.

After lunch in Katzrin, the unofficial capital of the Golan Heights, we continued our journey on the beautiful country road that weaved down the slopes. Once we arrived at our destination, we frantically picked our groups for our excursion down the class four rapids. Only kidding, Irad said class four would not be legit. Though our journey did not include any waterfalls, we still enjoyed the time fooling around, splashing each other and getting stuck on the banks. Corey was the real hero of the group, abandoning his raft to save a raft of 6 floating distressed damsels. We then returned to the hotel to freshen up.

After having dinner and getting clean we went out for a night on the town to see the character of the city. We went to the boardwalk next to the Sea of Galilee to get some food. Some people had more fun than others and even had pizza. Pizza was an interesting time. We then walked back up to the hotel to get ready for tommorows adventure. (Hayden is tired.) We are excited to venture around Tzfat, the birthplace of Kabbalah, and learn about Madonna’s favorite religion.

Hope you appreciated all awesome alliterations.


Harris, Zoe, Hayden (and a little bit of Ben and Andy) (and Mikey)