Update from Israel #Bus150

We are continuing to have a blast on our trip. We’ve been on an extremely busy and fun schedule. Before Shabbat we went to the market and got to experience local foods and spices in the heart of Jerusalem (shuk machneh yehuda). On Shabbat we went to the Israel Museum and enjoyed the wide range of exhibits. We also went to Mount Herzl cemetery (military cemetery) and the Holocaust Museum and Memorial before traveling to the Negev desert. At night we ate and slept in Bedouin tents and enjoyed a campfire in the desert. Today we hiked in the desert and got the opportunity to ride on camels. Afterwards we went to Ben Gurion’s grave and learned about the first Prime Minister. Tomorrow we are hiking up to Masada and going “swimming” in the Dead Sea. Having a great Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors!