Update from Israel #Bus11

Thanks to the group leaders on Israel Outdoors Bus 11 for sharing the following update!

Birthright sends hundreds of groups each season, but the moment Bus 11 came together, we knew they were special. After a jam packed day of logistics, travel, and group bonding, Bus 11 arrived excited and ready to explore Israel.

We started our first day of touring with a beautiful hike up Masada with numerous viewpoints overlooking the Dead Sea and countless historical sights symbolizing the pursuit for Jewish freedom that Israel represents today.

Following, we ventured to Ein Gedi where we embarked on a water hike in a sparking oasis, surprisingly thriving in such a dry part of the world. After numerous interactions with unique animals and a dip under some natural waterfalls, we made our way to the legendary Dead Sea.

Hebrew school posters and biblical stories came to life as Bus 11 happily spread the magical mud on each other to soften their skin and fearlessly floated in the salt filled cool water. Participants got their first experience with traditional Israeli food, as they enjoyed delicious falafel, schwarma, and schnitzel sandwiches.

We concluded our evening under the stars with Bedouin Hospitality. In small groups, everyone sat on the floor around a communal meal, enjoying chicken, rice, vegetables, tea, coffee, and sweet cookies for dessert. Afterwards, everyone was treated to an educational session to learn about Bedouins and their culture from a local who came to share his story. As the day came to a close, Bus 11 gathered around a warm camp fire sharing stories and making memories together, ultimately transitioning the group from strangers to a newfound family.

We can’t wait to meet our Israeli peers and continue on our journey.

Here’s to 10 days of laughter, surprises, and a special Jewish community on #Bus11.

Josh, David, Liat