Top 10 Tips for Successful Registration

Registration for a free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip opens tomorrow, February 3rd at 10am EST. Registering for Birthright Israel on time (and correctly) will help you get on the trip you want with Israel Outdoors. Below are some key tips to get you registered successfully. Are you a returning applicant? You can register one day earlier on February 2nd, at 12noon EST.

1) Look for this button to launch your application.

Registration Button - TaglitThe Primary Application will be active as of 10am ET on Tuesday, February 3rd. You can link to it from Clicking on the Primary Application button will link you to the Israel Outdoors landing page on Birthright Israel’s site. Look for this red registration button to launch your actual Primary Application.

NOTE: If you applied in the past, register a day earlier on Monday, February 2nd as of 12pm ET.

2) It doesn’t matter what time of day you register

It makes no difference whether you register in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The system sometimes gets overloaded when it first opens. If that’s the case, no need to worry…just wait an hour or two and try again.

3) It does matter that you register on February 3rd!

Although it doesn’t matter what time of day you register, it matter a lot that you sign up before the end of the day on February 3rd. Israel Outdoors heavily factors when you register in terms of our trip selection process, and completing your application on “Registration Day” is a big factor.

4) Be sure to choose Israel Outdoors as your trip organizer

Did you know Israel Outdoors is consistently the most popular Birthright Israel program on account of our inclusive approach, high quality programs, unique itineraries, and charismatic staff? Discover why Israel Outdoors is the right choice for you and what kinds of people go on our program.

5) Submit a refundable deposit with your application

Complete all steps of your Primary Application on February 3rd, which also means submitting your fully refundable trip deposit (why a deposit?). Don’t worry, the deposit is just an indication that you are seriously considering going on a trip. You are not making a commitment when you sign up, and your deposit can be refunded at any time.

6) Be prepared to choose a non-binding travel date and trip type

As part of your Primary Application, you will be asked to choose your preferred travel date and preferred trip type. This is only to give us an idea about your interests. You will be able to view and choose more trip dates on the Secondary Application. Read on…

7) Stay tuned for your Secondary Application invite

Israel Outdoors will email you an invite to our Secondary Application within 24 hours of your registering. The Secondary Application is where you can view and choose specific trip dates – you’ll even be able to view detailed flight information. This is also where you can indicate if you want to travel with someone.

8) Signing up with a friend? Be sure to coordinate

If you plan on traveling with a friend(s), make sure they register on time, select Israel Outdoors as their trip organizer and choose the same trip dates as you! You will be able to search for your friend’s application once you get invited to the Secondary Application.

9) Be flexible with your travel dates

We expect to begin making trip assignments in late February. You can rank as many possible trip dates as you want, but be sure that you only choose trip dates that work for you. The more flexible you can be, the easier it will be for us to get you on a trip.

10) Get real-time updates from us on “Registration Day”

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so that we can stay in touch with you in real time on February 3rd in case there are any urgent message we need to get out to you.