Top 10 Tips for Registration Day


Registration Day can be a little stressful. Here are some tips to help you through the process!

1) Look for the orange button on our homepage that says “PRIMARY APPLICATION“. It will be live as of 10am EST on February 13th and link you to the official Primary Application on Taglit-Birthright Israel’s website.

2) It doesn’t matter what time you register on February 13th as long as it’s before 11:59pm EST! Israel Outdoors heavily factors when you register in terms of being offered a trip, so you want to complete your application on the first day.

3) Don’t worry if you experience some technical difficulties. The Primary Application gets overloaded sometimes… just wait an hour and try again.

4) Pick us, Israel Outdoors, as your trip organizer! We have been consistently chosen as the most popular provider of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips on account of our laid-back approach, unique itineraries, and fantastic staff.

5) Get a credit card ready. In order to fully complete your application you need to place a refundable trip deposit.

6) Have a general idea of when you want to travel. You are not bound to travel during that month, or even to the type of trip you select (for example an Israel by Foot or Specialty trip).

7) Keep an eye out for the Secondary Application invite, which you will receive within 72 hours of filling out the Primary Application. You will be sent another email when trip dates are posted (likely in early March).

8) Coordinate with your friends and family. If you plan on traveling with a companion, make sure you both register with Israel Outdoors and do so at the same time. When selecting trip dates, once they’re released, you want them to be identical.

9) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will post any urgent messages and get back to you in real time.

10) Do not, under any circumstances, use the airplane bathroom barefoot! That is not okay, no matter how swollen your feet are.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list. If you are an alumni feel free to post more tips below.