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Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

TL-48-93 Update 1

And just like that Day One is complete for trip TL-48-93!
After a record breaking flight across the Atlantic, we landed in Tel Aviv and took off for the North! Because of our early arrival, we had time for an impromptu beach visit at the Caesarea Aqueduct. Sandy toes and ocean breezes do well for tired travelers! Making our way over to Caesarea National Park we took a historic walk through the area, followed by some icebreakers and a tour of Zichron Yaakov. We finally journeyed to our kibbutz for some poolside relaxation, naps, food, and some thought provoking activities! Time to rest and prepare for what’s in store tomorrow on Day 2!

– Jess

Group picture at Caesarea Aqueduct

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