TL-48-398 Update 1

Today is our 2nd day together. We started our journey Sunday afternoon when 40 students filled with excitement and expectation met Zohar and me at SFO. After a 13-hour flight, we arrived in Tel Aviv, tired but in great spirits. At the airport, we received a warm welcome by Gai, our tour guide, and Neta from Israel Outdoors. After going through customs and collecting our luggage, we embarked on a three-hour bus ride to Kibbutz Malkia, our first destination. The Kibbutz is located in the North of Israel.

We have devoted time to learning more about each other and welcomed seven young Israelis currently serving in the IDF to our Bus 398 family. The soldiers integrated seamlessly with the rest of the group. After picking up the soldiers, we became a community of 47 young people, the tour guide, driver, medic, and two Hillel of Silicon Valley’s staff. We were ready for our adventure of discovery.

As most of you know, Israel is hot! So, what better way to cool off than spending the day with a small hike at Banias shaded by a natural canopy of trees and the refreshing waterfall. But the fun continued! We went to Jordan River rafting, cruising downstream in refreshing waters.  This was an unforgettable, fun experience.

Then back to the hotel for showers, dinner, and rest!

Please stay tuned for the next update in a few days!

Sarita & Zohar