TL-48-135 Update 1


We’re now in day 2 of our trip and having an INCREDIBLE time exploring the beautiful Jewish homeland. 

We landed bright and early yesterday morning and met up with our tour guide, Adam, and our 6 Israeli participants. We got to know each other a bit, and kicked off our trip with a visit to Caesarea. Here we learned about the history of the picturesque area while enjoying some much needed fresh air and sunlight after a LONG flight. We then headed to Zichron Yaakov for lunch, some time to walk around, and Adam discussed the development and importance of Jewish communities in the area.

We then got to head to our home for the next few days, Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar, for some much needed rest. 

Today, we continued our journey in the northern Galilee region with a visit to a beautiful lookout point, and discussed memorials of fallen soldiers. We then went on a hike in a beautiful setting, complete with walking through the Snir River. 

After a stop for lunch for delicious falafel, shawarma, Aroma and questionable pizza, we made our way to the site for rafting down the Jordan River. Rafting was a BLAST! We can’t wait to explore the rest of Israel and make more memories together.