TL-48-279 Update 2

On Thursday we went riding on the ATVs, followed by by a trip to Tzfat (where the participants got to see an amazing synagogue and shop in the Artist’s Colony). The participants then got to enjoy Amiad Winery.

On Friday before Shabbat, we went to Yad Vashem. The participants opened up about their own family experiences with the Holocaust during our prep the evening prior. Then we went to Mt Herzl, where the Mifgashim shared stories about some of fallen soldiers buried at the cemetery. After Mt Herzl, several participants approached us, saying the stories of Israel’s fallen, put human faces to the cost of the conflict.

We brought in Shabbat and on Saturday we had our geopolitical talk which they all enjoyed. We then had our Jewish Identity activity, which got them opening up about the ways they see and connect with Judaism. The mifgashim then did their activity, breaking down many israeli stereotypes and teaching the participants some popular Hebrew phrases. After Havdallah, everyone went out to Machne Yehuda for the leisure evening.

Yesterday, we explored the Old City. Several participants had their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs overlooking the Kotel. They went on a scavenger hunt through the Jewish Quarter which was set up by one of the Mifgashim, and the afterward, they had time at the Kotel. For lunch, we headed back to Machne Yehuda which they were surprised by during the daytime. And then down to the Bedouin tents.

This morning we climbed Masada, followed by a camel care activity, and then spent time at the Dead Sea. Now we’ve arrived at our kibbutz where we will have a political seminar/q+a after dinner and get some sleep before heading to Sderot and Tel Aviv tomorrow (the latter of which they have been excited for for days).