TL-47-543 Update 7

Well folks, this is it- our final update from bus 543. Today was our final day.

We began eating breakfast at the hotel, then loaded the bus to begin our tour in Jaffa. We unloaded the bus in the ancient seaport and began our exploration. We learned about historical sites, some well known people who made Jaffa what it is today, and enjoyed strolling around the artist colony.

After this we were fortunate to meet with Bnei Avraham to discuss the social diversity and statehood of Israel. We learned her peace is possible when both sides listen and are honest with each other. Together, we can create a better world – one interaction at a time.

This was followed by time to relax on the beach, get lunch, explore the market, and some even got tattoos. After that we enjoyed another activity in groups of 5 called TLV your way. We were given maps and enjoyed roaming through the city and learning more about how it because the city it is today.

We finally met at Dr. Shaksuka and enjoyed our last meal together. This was followed by some time to explore the old city of Jaffa and then our closing ceremony. There was laughter, tears, and tremendous gratitude from our group to have had this experience with this group of people.

Although our journey together is ending, we will not soon forget our 10 days together becoming one large extended birthright family.

Tomorrow morning we have our final breakfast, load the bus, head to the airport and fly home or onto our next destinations. Although we are leaving, this overall experience won’t soon fade within our hearts.

With gratitude,
Hal, Jenny, and Serge
#bus543, 2022

Yalla, bye