TL-46-510 Update 2

Most of us have just landed back home, while the rest of us are continuing to travel around Israel and around the world. All of us, however, cannot stop thinking about the incredible memories we have just created on our 10-day trip around Israel. Our last blog left us with our group traveling down to the South. The south was a big highlight of our trip–we spent the night with hundreds of other birthright participants in the Bedouin tents. There, we had the privilege of hearing the life story of a Bedouin woman, participate in camel care, make smores by the bonfire (and celebrate Bryce C. ‘s birthday!), and do some stargazing. That morning we hiked up Masada to catch the sunrise, where we celebrated our Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. After swimming in the Dead Sea, we finally headed to our last destination, the holy city of Jerusalem. We had a busy, but very meaningful time in Jerusalem as we toured Yad Vashem (the World Holocaust Remembrance Center) and Har Herzl (Israel’s national cemetery), ate lunch at Shalva National Center (an organization that provides services for thousands of people with disabilities), as well as toured the Old City of Jerusalem. We brought in Shabbat in a peaceful grassy area, where we took in all the experiences of the past week, danced, and sang together. We had an incredible Shabbat bonding, playing games, and eating really good food (we ranked their food #1 from all our hotels!) We really took advantage of our last day together and ended Shabbat off with our “see you laters” (not goodbyes!)

Birthright is a life-changing trip, one that touches everyone’s life in a different way, but one common thing that this trip gave all of us is new, life-long friends. Most of us came in not knowing anyone, but we all came out with a new group of friends, ones that we hope to stay in touch with and laugh with for many more years. These memories that we created over just 10 days will stay with us forever. We can’t wait to see everyone back in Israel really soon <3