TL-45-96 Update 1

Shalom shalom!

The group met at EWR with excitement , masks, and safe distancing. We enjoyed time to explore at the airport before boarding our flight.

Long flight where folks chose to spend their time between watching movies, chatting with each other, and of course, good ole sleep. We arrived safely in TLV, got our Covid test, got SIM cards/$, snacks, bathroom break, then went on the bus. We got a second Covid test for everyone and ate more snacks (those who it applied to were very happy for the vegan and gluten free options- thank you Israel Outdoors). We then took a scenic drive to our first location- a kibbutz surrounded by architectural and some stray cats (it’s Israel- they are adorable and we welcome them).

We had dinner (thanks again for all the food options for those with specific dietary needs- participants practiced gratitude to staff so we pass that along). We then had our official opening ceremony, learned each others names, some fun facts about each other, went over safety and guidelines so all folks are aware of how to have an enjoyable and safe time together these next 10 days.

Our Covid test returned negative so we are beginning the journey out and about this morning at 8am! It’s now Wednesday morning. Participants are excited for our first full day of activities! Delicious breakfast before heading on our first nature hike, followed by a visit to natural hot springs. Then ATVing surrounded by nature, lunch, natural hot springs, celebrating Megillah with festivities (singing, dancing, we are ready!), dinner, and more ice breakers and activities!

#Birthright #Israel Outdoors #bus96 is excited and thankful to be here! Let the adventure continue!

More updates to come!

With gratitude,
Deb & Hal
North American staff