TL-45-80 Update 1

Well, we made it! At least *we* made it…some of our luggage in fact did not, and we are expecting it by Thursday!
We started our day early at LAX where we played a name and stretching game to learn each other’s names, and assigned buddies. When we landed, we completed our PCR Covid tests and met our amazing crew! Dima, our Israeli tour guide (with a Ukranian name, as he says), Mayan, our medic, and Amnon, our bus driver! We headed to Ayyelet HaShahar, our quarantine hotel, to have dinner and learn a little bit more about Birthright as an organization and gift. For now we are jetlagged and can’t wait to sleep, but we are so looking forward to the exciting days ahead!
This pic is after a long day of travel and bonding. At the hotel getting ready for a great night of rest.