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TL44-1175 Update 1

– Landed yesterday, and got to the hotel in Tiberius around 1:30 where we did ice breakers and activities, spoke about birthright and covered rules , received our text results and ate dinner before retiring for an early night – Today we visited Zefat, where we learned a bit about Kabal and the mysticism behind [...]

TL-44-1407 Update 1

Hi Israel Outdoors! Bus 1407 has not stopped! Our group is incredibly special, curious, adaptable and amazing! We started our trip up north and enjoyed hikes, repelling, swimming in the Kinneret , ATV and night under the stars. Then we headed toward Jerusalem and met our amazing 3 Israelis who joined the group. From there, [...]

TL-44-1407 Update 1

Hi! After a very long journey the group finally made it to Israel! We enjoyed some great ice breaker activities to get to know the group (some initiated by the participants). Our first stop was COVID-19 PCR tests and then a beautiful drive up north to our hotel. We are staying at La Perla which [...]