Results are in: Top 5 Sites to See

We surveyed our Israel Outdoors winter participants and asked them what was their favorite site on their free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip.  Below are the top 5:

5. Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Participants found this moving tribute to those we lost in the Holocaust to be one of the more meaningful moments on their trip.

The view at Yad Vashem at the end of the museum was spectacular. It reminds you that despite the unimaginable evil that goes on in the world, there is still beauty and it can be found everywhere. – Jon

4. Har Herzl National Military Cemetery
Visiting Israel’s military cemetery together with Israel soldiers who participate on the trip is an incredibly powerful experience.

My favorite part was Har Herzl–it was very emotional, especially because a few soldiers had recently been buried there. Our guide shared some amazing stories. – David

3. Old City of Jerusalem
A city filled with thousands of years of history, the Western Wall, the outdoor Mahane Yehuda Market place, the shops, the stone roads, our participants could not get enough.

Being at the Western Wall during Shabbat was my favorite part of the trip. Just looking around at all the different types of Jewish people celebrating the same thing and coming together was an amazing experience – Samantha

2. The Dead Sea
Floating at the lowest place on earth, can anyone say mud fight?

My group visited the Dead Sea after 2 days of sleeping in the desert and hiking. It was the first time we were able to shower and relax! The first part of the program was jam packed with hiking, so the Dead Sea was truly a reward for all of our hard work! Plus, it was nice to enjoy “nature’s spa” for a few hours. I don’t believe there is anything like that anywhere else. – Meredith

1. The absolute #1 favorite place is Masada
Watching the sun rise from the top of Masada over the Dead Sea is an experience that should not be missed!

My group climbed Masada after only being in Israel for less than 8 hours. The sunrise was amazing. We took our time up there and were able to learn and see and touch something of our past. – Chelsea

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