Memorable Moments – Spontaneous Singalongs

My favorite moment by far of the trip happened on the night we slept out in the Bedouin tent. We had just met our Israelis the day before, and had spent the morning getting to know one another while hiking Masada. We were all pretty tired, but after we set up our tent and finally SHOWERED (THANK G-D) somebody had the brilliant idea to start a bonfire. Then someone broke out a guitar, and then Lior (our medic) busted out HIS guitar — and a fine singing voice — and then two guys from other trips heard us and came running out with THEIR guitars…and pretty soon we had 60 people all sitting around a campfire, singing and bonding until the very wee hours of the morning.

It was so much fun, and so spontaneous on a trip that is for the most part pretty structured. From that moment on, every single one of us became one big family.

– Kat Johnson
Louisville, KY