Live Trip Updates – August 28, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-430 and TL-30-435: Both groups left Israel today. TL-30-430 headed to the airport extra early to catch their 6:20am flight back to the States. The remaining group, TL-30-435, had some extra time to sleep and enjoy Israel’s north before heading to the airport this afternoon for their return flight. The groups had an amazing trip and were very sad to see it end.

430 group pic

TL-30-432 and TL-30-795: The groups spent the morning in Netanya today, enjoying their last breakfast together as a group. Then, group TL-30-432 departed for their airport to catch their flight back to the States. Group TL-30-795, whose flight leaves early tomorrow morning, finished out their last day in the north. They spent the first part of the day in Zichron Ya’akov walking around the city. Then, they went to downtown Netanya where the group had free time to shop, eat, and hang out on the beach. Tonight they will stay in Netanya one last night and travel to the airport very early tomorrow morning.

TL-30-437: Today the group had an emotional day in Jerusalem. First, they visited Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum and Memorial. Then, after lunch, they traveled to Har Herzl National Memorial and military cemetery, to learn more about Israel’s history and present. Afterwards, they picked up their spirits with a trip to Ben Yehuda Street, a popular pedestrian shopping and restaurant street. They completed their night by attending a political seminar with Neil Lazarus on the current situation in Israel. Here are some pictures from the group’s time in the desert, or Negev, earlier this week.

437 masada 437 camels
437 bedouin tent 437 sde boker

TL-30-713: The group had an exciting day in the desert today. They started with an early morning hike up Masada to see the sunrise over the Negev from the top. After a quick breakfast at the bottom, they traveled to Ein Gedi to walk the Nahal David path to the desert oasis. Then, they went to Ein Bokek Beach for a float in the Dead Sea! At the end of a busy day, the left the Negev and drove north to Jerusalem. Once in Jerusalem, they finished the night with an activity to prepare for their visit to Yad Vashem tomorrow.

TL-30-438: Today the group started their day visiting the ancient ruins of Tzippori. Then, they traveled to Haifa, where they saw a beautiful view of the entire area from atop the Stella Maris lookout. They also took a tour of the famous Bahai Gardens and Temple. Afterwards, they traveled to Jerusalem, where they will spend the next few days. They saw their first glimpse of the city from the Haas Promenade and then went to the hotel for dinner and an evening activity. Here is a picture of the group in Haifa and another of a few members enjoying the northern Israeli sunset.

438 haifa 438 love

TL-30-440: The group started the day today touring the mystic city of Tzfat, located in Israel’s northern mountains. They walked the city’s ancient streets, learned about its unique history, and received free time for shopping and eating. Then, they took on a challenging hike on Mount Merion. Afterward, they headed back to Tiberias where they finished the evening with some group activities at the hotel. Here is a few participants in Tzfat earlier today.

440 tzfat

TL-30-441: This morning, the group began their day with a hike up Mount Meiron. Then, they traveled to Tzfat, a beautiful, mystic city in Israel’s northern mountains. Here, they did some activities to learn about the city, shopped in the stores of local artists, and had free time for lunch. After a fun day, they went back to Tiberias for the night.

TL-30-443: The group arrived in Israel this afternoon after a long journey! Upon arrival, they met their Israeli tour guide, loaded the bus, and began the drive up north to Tiberias. At the hotel, the group got settled in and enjoyed their first dinner together. They finished the evening with icebreakers to get to know one another and a program orientation. Here is the group during their travels.

443 traveling 1 443 traveling 2

TL-30-444: The group landed in Israel very early this morning. They loaded the bus and headed to their first destination, Caesarea. Here, they enjoyed an opening breakfast and activity to kick off the trip and enjoyed walking around the beautiful ancient Roman ruins. Then, they traveled to Haifa to see a beautiful view of the entire city and Mediterranean Sea from atop the Stella Maris lookout. At the end of the day, the group made their way to the Afik Kibbutz where they finished the night playing icebreakers. Check out the group in Caesarea and Haifa.

444 caesarea 2 444 caesarea 1
444 haifa

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