Live Trip Updates – August 27, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-430 and TL-30-435: Today the groups spent the day in the Old City of Akko. They toured the city, shopped in the local Shuk, or market, and spent time relaxing on the beach. At the end of the day, they enjoyed a closing dinner and wrap up session in Netanya. The groups will depart from Israel on separate flights tomorrow.

TL-30-431: The group started their day today relaxing on the beach in Netanya. Then, in the afternoon, they visited the town Zichron Ya’akov to tour and eat lunch. They finished the day in Caesarea where they saw the beautiful ancient Roman ruins and enjoyed a closing dinner and discussion. They headed to Ben Gurion airport after dinner to catch their flight back to the States later tonight.

TL-30-432 and TL-30-795: Today the groups began their day in the Old City of Akko, they walked around and learned about the its unique history. Then, they traveled to Haifa to take a tour of the famous Bahai Gardens and Temple, a beautiful sight. In the afternoon, the groups spent time relaxing on the beach in Netanya. They will spend the night tonight in Netanya.

TL-30-437: This morning the group awoke at the Bedouin tents to spend their last day in the Negev. They started with a hike through Ein Ovdat, a beautiful desert canyon hike. Then, they visited the desert outpost Sde Boker, where former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion is buried. After, the group traveled to Naot Farm for some fun activities and to learn about desert farming. The group then headed north, out of the desert, to Jerusalem. Once in Jerusalem, they spent the night preparing for their visit to Yad Vashem tomorrow.

TL-30-713: Today the group spent the day in Jerusalem. In the morning, they visited an old military outpost and memorial from the Six-Day War called Ammunition Hill. They then met and welcomed a handful of Israeli peers who will join the group for the next few days and played ice breaker games with them. Afterward, the entire group traveled to the Haas Promenade for a spectacular view of Jerusalem. After a fun day, the group headed south into the desert. They arrived at the Bedouin tents and went for a camel ride through the Negev. They finished the night relaxing around a campfire. Here is the amazing view from the group’s hotel in Netanya where they stayed overnight last night.

713 netanya

TL-30-438: The group spent the first half of their day in the northern city of Tzfat. Here, they toured the city, learned about it history, visited several historic synagogues, and had free time for shopping and lunch. Then, later in the day, the group participated in some fun water sports in the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. They went tubing, banana boating, and cooled off in the refreshing water. They will spend tonight in the Afik Kibbutz. Here is the group swimming in the Kinneret!

438 kinneret

TL-30-440: Today the group started exploring Israel’s north. They started at the Gadot Lookout for a great view of the Golan Height. Then, they took on the challenging Nahal Zavitan hike. After lunch, the group participated in exciting water sports in the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. Then, they visited another great lookout atop Mount Bental to see Israel’s northern border. They finished the night with a fun cultural activity. Here are some pictures from the group’s hike in the north.

440 hike 1 440 hike 2
440 hike 3

TL-30-441: The group began another day in the north with a stop at the Gadot lookout, where they saw a beautiful view of the Golan Heights. Then, they hiked the challenging Nahal Zavitan trail. Later in the day, the group traveled to the top of Mount Bental to see a great view of Israel’s northern border, followed by some water sports in the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. In the Kinneret, the group went banana boating, tubing, and relaxed in the refreshing water.

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