Live Trip Updates – August 26, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-430 and TL-30-435: The groups awoke in the Bedouin tents this morning to spend their last day in the desert. They started by hiking Nahal Chavarim and then traveled to Sde Boker, a desert outpost and the grave site of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. Later in the day, the groups visited Naot Farm, a local desert farm, for some fun activities and to learn about organics in Israel. The groups finished the day by traveling back up north to the city of Netanya. They also had to bid farewell to their Israeli peers today, who finished their time with the group.

TL-30-431: The group began their day today by traveling to Sde Boker, a beautiful desert outpost and the grave site of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. They also completed a challenging desert hike. In the afternoon, the group visited Naot Farm to learn about organics and taste some of the local products. At the end of the day, the group had to depart from their Israeli peers. It was difficult for them to say goodbye to their new Israeli friends. Afterwards, the group headed north for Netanya.

TL-30-432 and TL-30-795: The groups began their day today with the beautiful Ein Ovdat desert canyon hike. Then, they visited the desert outpost Sde Boker, which is also the grave site of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. Afterward, the groups stopped at Naot Farm, to learn about desert farming in Israel. At the end of the day, the groups left the desert and headed north to Netanya.

TL-30-437: Today, the group had a very exciting day in the desert that began before dawn. The group awoke extra early to hike up Masada to see the incredible sunrise over the Israeli desert from the top. After a quick breakfast at the bottom of the mountain, the group traveled to Ein Gedi to walk the Nahal David path to the desert oasis. Then, they visited Ein Bokek Beach for a float in the Dead Sea. At the end of the day, the group traveled to the Bedouin tents, where they rode camels, learned about Bedouin culture, and relaxed around a campfire.

TL-30-713: Today the group had a great day in the north. They started with a northern hike to the beautiful Banias Waterfalls. Then, they traveled to Mount Bental to see an incredible view of northern Israel and the border. After lunch, the group participated in some fun water sports in the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. At the end of the day, the group traveled to Netanya to spend the night.

TL-30-438: The group spent the day in the north today, beginning at the Gadot Lookout for a beautiful view of the north. Then, they took a fun water hike through the Jilabun. After, they visited Mount Bental for another great view. The group finished the day today with a cultural activity on Israeli music and culture.

438 north

TL-30-440: The group arrived in Israel this afternoon after a long flight. Once in Ben Gurion Airport, the group met their Israeli tour guide and headed north to their first hotel in Tiberias. At the hotel they enjoyed their first group dinner and then played some icebreaker games to get to know one another.

TL-30-441: Today the group landed in Israel to begin their 10 day trip. Upon arrival, they met their Israeli tour guide and began the long drive up north to Tiberias. On the way, the group made one stop at a beautiful overlook of the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee, for a few games and introductions. Once at the hotel, the group got settled in and enjoyed a first dinner together. They finished the evening with more icebreakers and a program orientation.

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