Letter from a Future Staffer

Two weeks ago, a letter from 12 time veteran Israel Outdoors staffer Aviva Klompas was published in the Jerusalem Post. Avi A. was a participant on Aviva’s most recent trip and sent us the following letter as a response.  Thanks for sharing Avi!

To whom it may concern.

Aviva Klompas, one of our staff members from #Bus276 this winter, wrote an opinion paper and was posted in the Jerusalem Post. Here is the link to her article: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/A-letter-to-my-Birthright-alumni-393409.

Aviva was such an amazing staffer and I wanted to share with the Israel Outdoors staff my response to her letter. My response was as follows :

“Aviva you so elegantly speak about how each and every trip is one of adventure and realization. I think that every group, especially ours, that has the great privilege and honor to be staffed by you has gained not only great knowledge and fun witty remarks, but also something that cannot be measured by the written word. That would be an absolutely outstanding, passionate, hilarious, well educated, and reliable friend for life in you, Aviva Klompas. Thanks again for all that you have done, all that you will do, and for becoming a friend to all of us. May Israel’s future be strong and prosperous and a special thank you to Birthright Israel from the bottom of my heart for bringing us all together as a family.”

I myself am thinking of applying to staff an Israel Outdoors (Israel Quest) Birthright Israel trip not only from my extraordinary experience on the trip but also because Aviva really inspired me to want to give back for this wonderful 10-day experience that transforms complete strangers into life long friends.
Best Regards (Future Staffer),
Avi A