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Safety Commitment

We are committed to providing you with a safe, meaningful and joyous Birthright Israel experience. To ensure your safety, we implement the following on every trip, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.


Each group is accompanied 24/7 by a licensed security escort and a trained medic, most of whom have recently completed their military service.


Our itineraries are approved in advance and re-approved daily by the Situation Monitoring Room, a special unit administered by the Ministry of Education and coordinated with Israel’s security services.


Each group leader carries a GPS communication device with them at all times so security agencies and our main office know where each group is at any given moment.


We do not use public transportation. Instead, we conduct our travel on private coach buses with experienced, trained drivers to keep the trip on course and the bus secured at all times.


All overnight accommodations include on-site security personnel and all rooms are secure in accordance with Israel’s high standards. This ensures you wake up ready for your next day of adventure!


We carefully plan out each of our itineraries. When we plan our trips, we are careful to avoid areas of potentially heightened concern and always travel with discretion, thus ensuring our commitment to your safety at all times.


We make every effort to give you space and time to explore Israel on your own. Keep in mind, per Birthright Israel rules, there is no leaving the group except for designated nights out.


We are constantly monitoring situations and if necessary, will adjust itineraries in the interest of safety. All decisions are made with careful consideration and based on guidance from the authorities monitoring Birthright Israel trips.


Soon after you arrive in Israel, your trip leaders will get you oriented for the adventure ahead, including briefing you on all the tips you need to travel smart and safe. You’ll also receive daily briefings, allowing you to be fully prepared each for each leg of the journey.


The Government of Israel is an official partner of Birthright Israel and takes an active interest and role in the safety of the experience.

A note about life in Israel
Israel takes security seriously. The government employs an extensive approach to securing its public spaces, its people, and its visitors. While the peace we all ultimately yearn for still remains elusive, you may be surprised to discover that Israeli society is full of vibrancy, joy, and a very deep sense of kinship.

We understand how important it is to feel safe and secure when you travel and we are fully committed to providing this to you. If you have any questions about our trips, our safety and security commitment, or anything else regarding our trips, reach out to us anytime via email at [email protected] or by phone Monday–Friday (9am-5:30pm) at (202) 537-0006.

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Whether you’re curious or have questions, we’re here to help get you there!

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