Update From Israel #Bus267

The group landed yesterday and after a long journey, all is well in Israel! After arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, the group met their Israeli tour guide, boarded the bus, and headed north.After checking into the C Hotel in Tiberias, they devoured their first Israeli dinner together. The group finished the evening with a brief program introduction and some fun icebreaker games to continue getting to know one another. Eventually, they headed to bed for a much needed night’s sleep.

Today, the group spent their first full day in Israel in the beautiful and mystical city of Tzfat. In Tzfat, the group learned about the amazing history of the city, the birthplace of Jewish mysticism, and explored the incredible artist colony found within the city’s narrow streets. They had free time to explore, shop, and eat lunch. At the end of an exciting day, the group returned to the hotel to rest and get cleaned up for Shabbat. They welcomed in Shabbat with a candle lighting ceremony, followed by the Kabbalat Shabbat service and a festive Shabbos dinner. They’ll finish the night tonight relaxing and playing games at an evening oneg.

Tomorrow, the group will enjoy a restful Shabbat and catch up on some sleep from their long travels. They will do several programs in the afternoon to discuss important topics about Judaism, Israel, and Shabbat. They will also visit Hamei Tveria near the hotel to relax in the natural hot springs. They will end Shabbat with Havdallah, a ceremony to welcome in the new week. In the evening, they will attend a fun cultural activity to learn about Israeli life.

The group will finish up their time in Israel’s north on Sunday. They will visit beautiful sites, such as the Gadot lookout and Mount Bental, and hike to the beautiful Banias Waterfalls. Afterwards, they will depart for their next city, Tel Aviv, and experience a night out on the town!

On Sunday night, the group will also prepare to meet the Israeli peers who will be joining their trip on Monday as part of the migfash program. These Israeli peers will allow the participants to fully learn about and understand the country’s culture from Israelis their own age.

There is much more in store for the group as they prepare for more hiking, swimming, sight-seeing, and camping over the next few days. They will visit the diverse cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Negev or Israeli desert!