Thanks for an Amazing Summer!

Here at Israel Outdoors, we’re busy gearing up for the Winter/Spring 2012-13 season. We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t pause to take a breath after one of our biggest seasons on record.

One week ago today marked the official end of the Summer 2012 season, when our final group of the season touched down at JFK, capping off a summer full of amazing experiences, new friendships and lifelong memories. We at Israel Outdoors are proud of our trips, and equally proud to be the leading operator of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips. This summer we sent 105 groups (well over 4,000 people) to Israel! We are hopeful that everyone’s experience on our trips was meaningful, memorable and a lot of fun. We consider it a privilege to do what we do, and we want to give a big thanks/toda raba to you – our participants (and new alumni!) – for helping make this such a great summer. We’re also heartened to have received a number of thank you notes, several of which we’ve copied below.


“Thank you so much! Absolutely incredible…thanks for re-awakening a curiosity not recently considered.”

–Adam Greenberg, 26  (TL-26-532)


“I cannot thank you enough! If it hadn’t been for [this trip], I’m not sure that I ever would have gone to Israel, and I would have been missing out on a huge and valuable part of being Jewish. The trip was incredible and changed the way I think about my religion and my identity.”

–Ally Hauss, 25  (TL-26-719)


I don’t have the words I need to tell you how grateful I am to have had the chance to visit Israel. Ten days in Israel gave me a glimpse into…what can be gained, and it’s amazing. Thank you so much.”

–Arielle Nahem, 24  (TL-26-719)


“I really had a wonderful time on this trip. My tour guide was a huge part of that reason. Thank you again for everything!”

–Phillip Mann, 26  (TL-26-533)


“The Birthright trip was the best 10 days of my life, and I just wanted to express my appreciation. Every minute of the trip was packed with life-changing experiences, and I came away from the trip with a much greater understanding of my Judaism, the importance of Israel, and my place in the Jewish community. Thank you so much for this unbelievable opportunity. It was completely life-altering, and I will never forget it.”

–Jeffrey Bramson, 25  (TL-26-719)


TL-26-744 (our “last” group of the Summer 2012 season)