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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

Ten Days of Registration – Day One

In honor of Birthright registration for the Winter/Spring 2015-16 season (sign up now!) we are posting daily blog posts from the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas trip with Israel Outdoors this past June. Thanks for sharing! And now Day 1….

Vegas 1After 17 hours of travel the participants of the Nevada Community Birthright Delegation (TL-32-250) have all arrived safe and sound in Israel.  Hagai, our tour guide, along with Jule, our medic and our bus driver Gadir, greeted the participants at the airport with much excitement.  While some of the participants are sound asleep, most are wide awake and enjoying the scenes of Israel while we drive up Highway 6 to Tiberias, where we will have a few hours to shower and sleep before waking up to travel to Tzfat for the day.  After Tzfat we will visit Mt. Meron before returning to Tiberias to prepare for our first Shabbat in Israel.

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