Ten Days of Registration – Day 4

In honor of Birthright registration for the Winter/Spring 2015-16 season (sign up now!) we are posting daily blog posts from the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas trip with Israel Outdoors this past June. Thanks for sharing! And now Day 4…

There is nothing like the smell of camel as the sun rises.  Starting bright and early, we went from our Bedouin tent to go ride camels.  Navigating the Negev in Style, we only walked stiffly for a few minutes post-experience.  After breakfast, we went hiking at Ein Ovday.  We found a water fall and scaled the side of cliffs.  We learned the meaning of life, or at least the chance to view interprentations of it.

Sweaty and breathes, once on top of the canyon the beauty and stillness of the land was enough to take ones breath away (if the climb itself hadn’t taken it already).

We traveled to Sde Boker to pay our respects to David Ben Gurion and his connection to the desert.  Afterwards we had lunch at Avia’s house (One of our Israeli peers) and learned of her familyy’s Aliyah story.   We then learned about Ramat H’Negev and the partnership that they share with the Las Vegas community.

We moved on to Sderot to hear the accounts of the locals who live with the “Code Red” alerts everyday.  We saw the shelters and the ‘normal’ lives people live, despite the fear.  We saw handmade rocket shrapnel at the police station. We drove out to where we could see Gaza, viewing the conflict and history we have been taught.  In the midst of the field, we heard the eerie sound of chimes from an IDF memorial.  We went to the Kibbutz afterwards and ate, showered, and refreshed ourselves from the past days of dirt.  We played games prepared by our Israeli peers and got into the competitive spirit.  We slept hardly, exhausted but happy from our days here in the desert.