Live Trip Updates – July 17, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-400: Today’s update comes directly from staffer Matt L: We have had such an incredible experience in Israel! From wading through the Jordan River to hiking through the Negev, we’ve seen and done so much. But nothing can compare to the majestic beauty of Jerusalem. After a quick driving tour, we stopped for a quick ceremony to bless our arrival in Jerusalem. Afterwards we visited Har Herzl, the Israel National Cemetery. It was such an emotional experience as our Israeli soldiers shared their personal experiences and stories of friends and family who fought to keep Israel safe and secure. From there, we went hiking in Sataf outside of Jerusalem. Amongst the gorgeous views and wonderful history, our bus celebrated four of our members who had their Bar/Bat Mitzvah while there. It was a truly incredible and emotional day! Here’s to our continued adventures in Israel!

TL-30-401: The group visited Har Herzl, Israel’s national military cemetery. While at Har Herzl, their Israeli peers on the tour shared stories of their service, which the group found powerful and moving. After conquering a small nature hike through the Jerusalem Forest, the group checked into the Jerusalem Gold Hotel, where they will be sleeping for the remainder of the trip. They the enjoyed the evening by participating in a group activity with the Israeli peers on the tour.

TL-30-402: The group enjoyed a day in the north. They began their day with a beautiful hike in the Golan Heights and enjoyed a breathtaking view of the landscape from atop Mount Bental. In the late afternoon, they had some fun doing water sports in the Kinneret. The Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee, is the largest freshwater lake in Israel. They went banana boating and tubing, and had time to relax in the refreshing water. In the evening, the group returned to their hotel in Tiberias and prepared for mifgash – tomorrow, the group will be joined by Israeli peers.

TL-30-403: The group landed in Israel and, after a long journey, all is well in Israel! After arriving at Ben Gurion Airport early in the morning, the group met their Israeli tour guide and headed to their hotel in northern Israel. They enjoyed their first dinner in Israel as a group, participated in ice breaker games to better get to know one another, and headed to bed for a much needed night’s sleep.

TL-30-892: The group landed in Israel in the early morning and, after a long journey, all is well in Israel! After arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, the group met their Israeli tour guide and headed to Caesarea, a beautiful Mediterranean city with ancient Roman ruins, where they participated in an opening ceremony to kick off the trip. After departing from Caesarea, the group headed north to Haifa, the largest city in northern Israel. They toured the Baha’ai Gardens and Temple where they saw the incredible landscaped gardens and a beautiful view of the city. Eventually, the group made their way to their hotel in the city of Tiberias to get settled in. Many spent the late afternoon at the hotel pool, relaxing and bonding as a group. Check out some photos from today:

Caesaria 5 Caesaria 4
Caesaria 2 Caesarea 12

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