Live Trip Updates – August 10, 2014

Every day we will post live trip updates. Check for the group code (starting with TL-30-) for a specific group…

TL-30-413: The group spent their last day in Jerusalem. They enjoyed a final closing dinner before heading to the airport tomorrow morning.

TL-30-414 and TL-30-415: The group traveled to the airport on Sunday morning for their flights back to the United States, bringing with them a lifetime of memories. We’ll miss you!

TL-30-416: Here’s today’s update written by trip staff Marni Bronstein, the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s engagement associate and social media coordinator: “We had a very deep and meaningful day today in Jerusalem. We left the hotel this morning, and headed to Mt. Herzl, an active military cemetery where Israeli soldiers are buried along with prominent political figures. We toured the cemetery stopping at the graves of Theodore Herzl, Yitzchak Rabin, and Max Steinberg (the lone soldier from the United States and former Birthright Israel participant who made Aliyah that was killed in Gaza a few short weeks ago). It was extremely emotional to see the freshly dug graves of soldiers who have recently been killed in Gaza. It felt so real to all of us. After Mt. Herzl, we stopped for lunch and then headed to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. The museum took us through the beginning of World War II through the end of the Holocaust. We stopped at the powerful children’s Memorial which was heartbreaking. We are now on our way to the desert to stay at a hotel in Arad. Tomorrow, we wake up at the crack of dawn to hike Masada, go to the Dead Sea, ride camels, and stay in a Bedouin tent.” Check out some photos from today…

Aug 10 - Mt Herzl 2 Aug 10 - Yad Vashem 5
Aug 10 - Yad Vashem 6 Aug 10 - Yad Vashem 1

TL-30-417 and TL-30-418: The group continued their time in Jerusalem, with a meaningful visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum and memorial, and Har Herzl National Memorial, Israel’s national cemetery. In the evening, they departed Jerusalem for the Negev, or Israeli Desert. Check out some recent photos…

August 10 - Yad Vashem 2 August 10 - Old City 2

TL-30-419 and TL-30-791: On Sunday, the group had a meaningful day in Jerusalem, with a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum and Memorial, and Har Herzl National Memorial. Then, they left Jerusalem and departed for the Negev, or Israeli Desert. Check out a picture from today…

Aug 10 - Yad Vashem

TL-30-420 and TL-30-422: The group explored both the old and new city of Jerusalem today. They began the day with a panoramic view of Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade. They then toured biblical Jerusalem in the City of David. They made their way to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City during a walking tour which included a stop at the Kotel – Western Wall – for personal reflections. In the afternoon, the group visited Ben Yehuda Street, the bustling pedestrian shopping center, and volunteered with the Gift of Life. In the evening they prepared for their visit to Yad Vashem tomorrow.

TL-30-421: The group began their journey through Israel. They started with a visit to the Gadot Lookout and Memorial, a beautiful overlook of northern Israel and the Golan Heights. Then, they hiked the challenging Nahal Zavital path. In the afternoon, they cooled off with some exciting water sports in the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. They enjoyed banana boating, tubing, and relaxing in the refreshing water, followed by a relaxing dinner at the kibbutz in northern Israel. 

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