A Jewish Love Story

Two happy Jewish newlyweds are currently on their honeymoon in Israel and we found each other thanks to your organization. We feel compelled to share our story with you…

On January 19, 2012, we boarded a plane to Israel, not knowing each other, knowing even less about the events that would sweep us away in a matter of days. He noticed her joyous and radiant smile, the way she connected with the world around her. She noticed his comforting and caring warmth, his passion for life. He noticed she was sitting alone on the plane from Kiev to Tel Aviv and they sat together. A five-hour flight had never gone by so quickly.

We spent our first night together celebrating our arrival in Israel with our group, but at the same time we felt like we were celebrating meeting each other. We shared stories past midnight and instantly grew a strong connection. While our feelings for each were blossoming, we were also making friends and experiencing an educational, inspirational Birthright trip. Our group slowly noticed that look in our eyes when we saw each other, and they surrounded us with support and love for ten days.

We will never forget the many inspirational talks and experiences that grew our connection to Judaism, Israel and, interwoven through these threads, a deep love for each other.

After our Taglit trip ended, we set out on a road trip through Israel, first camping in a canyon under the Negev stars, and then on a beach in front of the Red Sea. In five days, we danced, laughed, prayed, shopped, soaking up what felt like months of time together. He met her Grandmother in Jerusalem. She introduced him to Shakshuka and Za’atar, while he played his harmonica for her in gratitude. It was a journey that sparked our love, but it was only the beginning.

After our trip in Israel, we realized that our experience together was something we wanted to last much longer. So, Adam packed up his car and drove down I-70 singing “Kansas City, here I come…” Here we are four years later and we couldn’t be happier to be back in Israel now married and on our honeymoon. We will always be grateful for Taglit bringing us together.