Its All in the Cloud Part II

As part of the Taglit-Birthright Israel application, all applicants must submit a short essay explaining why they want to go to Israel.  We took the responses from all Israel Outdoors Summer 2013 applicants (over 9000!) and created the following wordle (word cloud). 

Check out the expressions and themes that come up the most when participants ponder why they want to travel to Israel. The bigger the word in the wordle, the more often it was used in responses.

Wordle BRI Essay2


Next we decided to look at people’s responses to their “About You” essays.  Check out the wordle created from the answers to the following questions:

Please describe anything special about your family background related to Judaism or Israel.
Please describe any special talents, achievements or interests your would like to share with us.
Please describe any volunteer or community service projects you are involved with.

Wordle About You1

What words would YOU use to describe why you want to go to Israel?