Guide to Guides – Elaun Rave

Israel Outdoors is proud to have some of the best Israeli tour guides that Israel has to offer. We asked tour guide Elaun Rave to tell us a little more about himself.  See below for more information about Elaun and don’t forget to check out the rest of our fantastic tour guides and our Israel Outdoors team!

ElaunWhere are you from?
Dayton, Ohio

Where do you live currently?
Haifa, Israel

What did you do before you became a tour guide?
I was a manager of various retail stores and brands before I made Aliyah. I worked for the Gap, I worked at the Body Shop, I was the manager that had to stay overnight in the Apple Store before we started selling the first iPhone.

How many Israel Outdoors trips have you guided so far?
More than 10, less than 50.

What was your absolute favorite moment/experience while guiding an Israel Outdoors trip?
I’ve had some pretty special Bnei Mitzvah and Hebrew naming ceremonies but every time the most special moment comes at our concluding friendship circle. Birthright can be a transformative experience and the friendship circle allows us check in together as our group concludes.

Is there a site that you just can’t get enough of?
I love Har Hertzl. It never ceases to move me and my groups.

What is your pet peeve on a trip?
By the time I’ve learned everybody’s name perfectly and get a chance to talk to all of the participants, the trip is over and it’s time to say goodbye

Favorite thing to do when not on a trip (Hobbies? Vices? Favorite TV shows? etc.)?
’I play ultimate frisbee and volunteer sometimes for a non profit called Ultimate Peace. I love to read and love good tv.