Five Things You Can’t Travel Without #1

I went on Israel Outdoors this past January 2013. As you prepare for your journeys ahead, here are my suggestions of 5 things you can’t travel to Israel without:

1.    Disposable facial wet wipes – a necessity for the LONG flight, and sometimes sweaty days/hikes
2.    Water bottle – That way you can refill it and save money, plus you get dehydrated very quickly in Israel
3.    Sunscreen – This is a no brainer 🙂 Protect yourself!
4.    Hair ties – Nice and convenient to have them on the hikes when you’re hot or sweaty and need to get your hair out of your face!
5.    Camera – You’ll want to document every moment on this trip because Israel is a beautiful, lush, gorgeous, special country and this is a once in a lifetime experience!

Our guide, Irad, was AMAZING. He was funny, smart, caring, and really took time to answer our questions. I hope you’re lucky enough to have him, or a guide like him. Irad helped make it special and fun. Our best group bonding moments included discussing our experiences at the end of the day in the hotel, having dinner together, and definitely the night in the Bedouin tent with our soldiers. It was an amazing ten days…

Shari Chana Lane
Atlanta, GA