Day 4: Camels, and Coffee, and Goats Oh My!


Alumna Rachel Lehrman attended a trip to Israel with Israel Outdoors this past January.  While on the trip she kept a blog recording her thoughts about the trip.  Below we share day 4 of her trip.  To see other posts from her trip check out Rachel’s blog

January 13, 2014 – Day 4

Megan, Genie, and I

This morning we woke up and ate breakfast at the Bedoin tents. Then we did the long-awaited camel trek through the desert, which was a lot of fun! I rode with Megan and we named our camel Genie.

After we got off the camels, we took a short ride over to Ben Gurion’s grave, who was the first prime minister of Israel. It was a beautiful park, with an amazing view. Then, we all waited with baited breath as our Israel soldiers approached! We got to know each other in small groups and then played a quick game of Coke and Pepsi, which was pretty hilarious to try and explain to the Israeli soldiers.

Views on the Hike

We then set off for the bus and I met Naomi, one of the soldiers, who sat with me for the remainder of the day on the bus. We got to know each other better by becoming roommates for the night, along with Megan. We then went for our least intensive hike yet in another set of mountains. We saw another smaller waterfall than the ones in Ein Gedi.

After the hike, we went for lunch at Aroma, which is known for their iced coffee.

We then headed to a Goat Farm where I got to hold a lamb that was only a few days old.

Rachel had a little lamb

We also got to try some homemade goat cheese. It was pretty good. We also helped make mud bricks, which was pretty disgusting. We hopped back on the bus and took a ride to Tel Aviv, where we brought our stuff to the hotel and ate dinner. We then got to take a shower….FINALLY!!  Our group activity tonight was about exploring the differences between Israelis and Americans. We hung out for awhile after and then ended our very long day. Really looking forward to the Mega Event tomorrow!

Read more about Rachel’s adventures on her blog, This Year in Jerusalem.