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Free Trips to Israel - Birthright


While Covid-19 is not quite behind us (and may never be), we have clearly entered a new phase that has allowed for the return of inspiring travel to Israel! Review these details to help you get ready for the journey ahead. HERE. WE. GO.

Updated June 30, 2022

Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine to participate?
For trips departing through September 2022, yes, you may join a trip if you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with two or more World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccines. The last dose must have been administered more than 14 days prior to your arrival in Israel. For trips departing October 2022 and onwards, this requirement will no longer apply.

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test before I travel?
Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is no longer required to enter Israel. However, we ask travelers to self-test prior to arrival to ensure the trip is as safe for everyone as reasonably possible.

What form do I need to complete before my flight to Israel?
You'll need to complete a Health Declaration form within 10 days of your flight to Israel and bring the confirmation code to the airport.

Do I need a COVID-19 test before I return home?
Neither the United States nor Canada currently requires a negative Covid-19 test to return home.

Where can I learn more about Israel's entry rules?
All of the regulations are spelled out in more detail here.

How are Birthright Israel and Israel Outdoors making health and safety decisions?
We are working closely with Israel’s Ministry of Health and will maintain the highest level of precautions once trips resume and adjust whenever necessary.

How will my trip be different from a regular trip due to COVID-19?
Your group will have somewhat fewer travelers than normal. Other than that, we are back to providing the classic Birthright Israel experience you expect.

What is the masking policy?
Israel has removed the masking requirement for indoor settings, and we are encouraging travelers to bring high-quality masks to Israel and make their own judgments regarding when/if to use them.

What is the cancellation policy?
Until you accept a trip offer you can receive a full refund for your $250 deposit. After accepting your trip offer you can receive the $250 if you cancel up to 45 days prior (through Sept 2022) or 65 days (Oct 22 and onwards) to your scheduled departure date. Learn more at

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes. It’s mandatory for you to have travel insurance for any domestic flight to your gateway city of departure. We also recommend adding travel insurance which can cover the cost of lost/stolen baggage, cameras, phones, and so on.

Do I need health insurance?
Yes. It’s mandatory for you to have health insurance that is valid in Israel for the duration of the trip. The health insurance must cover pre-existing conditions and COVID-19 care. If applicable, find out how to arrange for short-term coverage during your trip.

Can I extend my flight and stay in Israel after my trip is over?
Yes, you will be able to extend your flight through the airline. If you plan to extend, you must change your flight before the conclusion of the trip and before the group return date. If required, you will be responsible for your own COVID-19 test prior to returning home. If you test positive for COVID-19 after the end of our trip, you will be responsible for your own quarantine arrangements.

Before I go on my Birthright Israel trip I am planning to visit other countries. Is this ok?
Due to the increased spread of COVID-19 variants around the world, all participants who visit a destination that has a highest COVID-19 risk (red status) 14 days prior to their Birthright Israel departure will not be able to join a trip. This restriction does not apply to vaccinated or recovered participants who transit through these destinations and stay for 12 hours or less in the airport transit area. Please note the list of highest-risk (red status) countries can change.

What happens if I test positive during the trip for COVID-19?
In the event of a positive test result, you will quarantine in Israel for whatever the required duration (typically 5-10 days depending on your testing results and home country). We will coordinate and pay for your accommodations, meals, and wi-fi (usually at an Airbnb-style apartment) – and we'll support you all along the way. If you are prescribed any medication, be sure to bring enough for an additional 11 days in the event you must quarantine.

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