Advice From Israel Outdoors Alumni

In honor of our first trip (or first five trips actually) leaving tomorrow, we asked our awesome alumni participants to give some helpful advice about the trip.  Check out the following suggestions for what to pack, what to expect, what to eat and a whole lot more!


Human_Feet_in_SneakersMake sure to pack “street clothes.”  Many people on my trip brought mostly workout clothing thinking we would be hiking the whole time.  We did plenty of hiking but we also spent time walking around the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

-Arianna Ratner, TL-27-61, January 2013

A hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.  These may seem obvious but your guide will not let you off the bus without these.

-Kimberly Trombly, TL-26-532, August 2012

Disposable facial wipes, a necessity for the LONG flight, and sometimes sweaty days/hikes.

-Shari Chana Lane, January 2013

Bring comfortable walking shoes. I had four kinds but could have done with two most likely – one pair of flats (for dressier but still lots of walking nights out), converse since they are my chosen walking shoes for everyday, water shoes for the beach day and water hikes, and a serious pair of sneakers for the more serious hikes.

-Randi Rivera, TL-25-471, January 2012


Some advice for vegans/vegetarians. It’s incredibly easy to find filling and delicious vegan food all throughout Israel. They even provided vegan meals on the plane (just let them know in advance)! Once in Israel, anything labeled “parve” (a kosher classification), is free of dairy! It can still contain eggs, so watch out for that, but in general it’s much easier to find vegan food in Israel than in the US. At almost every meal you’ll find hummus, falafel, pita bread, fresh vegetable salads, Israeli couscous and more. And any time meat is served at a meal, everything served alongside it will usually be dairy-free. It’s a vegan haven!  Check out my short video about packing for your trip to Israel, vegan-style.

-Michelle Cehn, TL-27-162, January 2013

Pack hot sauce. Israeli breakfasts are awesome but you’ll thank me by the end.

-Lauren Kashuk, TL-27-157, December 2012

The chocolate rugelach at Mahane Yehuda Market will blow you away. Get them hot and prepare to be amazed!! Also try some of the halva from Halva King. You’ve never had anything like it! 

-Elina Galperin, TL-27-417, December 2012


Just do everything the guide tells you, absorb information to the fullest and participate in everything!

-Ted Landa, TL-27-235, February 2013

Get excited, you’re going on the trip of a lifetime!

-The Israel Outdoors Team

Have some more tips?  Feel free to leave a comment below.